5 Blog Posts to Help You Write An Engaging About Page

In the course of fleshing out pages for your website, you know that an About page is one of the most important.  It gives your clients and customers the opportunity to learn a little more about you and your business. Yet, just like when you fill out the About section of your personal Facebook profile, you struggle with telling the world about yourself or you find that whatever you write is boring; it doesn’t capture even a whiff of your awesomeness. To help you get over that hurdle, I have provided a list of five excellent articles from some of web’s most respected writers and designers that can be helpful in writing an engaging About page.

1. Your About Page is A Robot

As the title indicates, content strategist Erin Kissane likens the About page to a robot that your does your bidding, telling the world about you. She gives four scenarios poor About pages typically fall into and gives real examples of each. She finishes up by explaining the kind of qualities that make a good About page.

2. Who the Hell Are You Anyway?

In this post, web designer and speaker Paul Boag outlines some questions that might be in the mind of your website visitors  and that should be answered on your About page. He provides snapshots of About pages from popular companies and how they have “answered” some of these questions.

3. About Pages: Good, Bad, and Missing

Contributor John Hyde not only provides examples of good About pages, but identifies specifically what is good about them. He points out large corporations like Apple are so well known they don’t need an About page, warns that just because some of the large corporations can get away with not having an About page doesn’t mean your business can.  He also gives an example of a bad About page and why he classified it that way.

4. 5 Tips on How to Write a Fantastic About Page

After understanding what makes an About page good or bad and seeing examples, it’s time to write your own. In this post, Mens with Pens founder James Chartrand offers some helpful tips on writing the type of About page that is inline with the great content on your site.

5. Guidelines for Writing a Good About Page

Site founder Jacob Gube provides a detailed post explaining the three types of visitors that look at your About page and what kind of content they may be looking for on that page. He also explains how to organize your About page content and selects some example About pages, outlining their content and how it appeals to the different visitor groups.

I encourage you to visit each of the posts on this list to help you write or consider revising your current About page so that it’s as engaging as the rest of the content on your site.

Image: luigi diamanti / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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  1. Allan says:

    Hazel, many thanks for a wonderful set of resources; I’ve been dragging my feet with my “About” page, so this will provide the necessary boot up the posterior to get on and do it.

    Thanks again,

  2. Deb Dane says:

    Here from Blog On – thanks for your great post. I am still working on my about page and had not seen any of these posts – they were fantastic and I had a lot of take away messages that will help me put together a great page (i hope).


  3. Shlomo says:

    Hazel – Thanks for sharing these sources. Since I wrote my About page I’ve changed the direction of the blog, so it’s time for a revision.

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